Carrie Cantor and Malcolm Marsden

Carrie Cantor is a local mom and book editor/literary agent who has been performing in and around Montclair as a vocalist and guitarist for the last several years. She was part of the rock band El Kabong! and the duo Cantor & Cannon (with another PWR favorite, Bob Cannon) and now performs with Malcolm Marsden. She can sing a stirring, melodic ballad and then turn around and rock out on an energetic song with great soul. Malcolm Marsden is a local dad who has had a long career as a musician, starting in New Haven, where he played with former and future members of Rocket From The Tombs, Miracle Legion, and Dumptruck. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, who sometimes performs solo, and was recently the front man for the band The Almost Canadians. Malcolm plays both widely known and rarely heard songs from a broad folk-rooted pop and rock repertoire, and mixes in his own distinctive compositions.

Both have been active in promoting the local music scene in recent years. Carrie co-hosted an informal jam at Church Street Kitchen for two years, while Malcolm hosted the open mic at Hat City Kitchen in Orange in 2010 and currently hosts one at Highland Place in Maplewood. The result of the combined talents of this dynamic duo is soaring vocal harmonies and a sassy combination of baritone and electric guitar that will make you smile and make you dance. Carrie and Malcolm perform regularly at Tapastry in Montclair, Highland Place Steakhouse in Maplewood, Stony’s in South Orange, and The Fine Grind in Little Falls, as well as other venues.

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