Bob Cannon

“Writers always say ‘everything is material,’” says longtime Parents Who Rock member Bob Cannon. “So it seems to me that the best way to get your songwriting in gear is to just get out and do some living.”

And so he has. Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Wilmington, Delaware, the Montclair-based Cannon has played from Maine to Florida with a stint in Nashville. He’s also raised a family and pursued a career writing about music for magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Performing Songwriter. Now the New Jersey-based Cannon has stepped away from the computer keyboard to release his debut album Unbreakable Heart on Rivanna Records. The 14 songs here add up to an incisive, witty collection about love, dreams, expectations, the working life—and the Three Stooges—that brings together eclectic Americana styles and the wry pop wit of Randy Newman.

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