Hobo Hootenanny

The Hobo Hootenanny is:

Nazar Altun ("Hairball").  Hairball was the general counsel of a large real estate company until he quit to join the rest of the hobos on their journey on flatbed railroad cars through the American south and their sojourn in a cave on the south face of Mount Aragats (Armenia).

Michael de Leeuw ("Fudge").  Fudge left his home and family when he was no more than a boy, in the company of strangers, in the quiet of a railway station, running scared.

Kenichi Sugihara ("Lefty"). Lefty's mother was from the islands and his father was the Japanese Johnny Cash. Kenichi got in trouble in his early 20s and did some time in Siberia where he met Stinky (see below), who was doing his own hard time. While in prison, he built a working harpsichord out of cat bones and egg cartons.

Paul May ("Stinky"). Stinky grew up on a railroad train.  His father was a conductor and his mother, a fugitive. He did hard time in Siberia when his band, Penis Riot, sang some impertinent words about a grumpy oligarch. He then built a chewing gum factory in the caucuses. He now counts his money and rides the rails.

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