Blastaways is a fresh blast of
rock 'n' roll straight outta Montclair, N.J. The band
features drummer Kevin March who's been in cool bands
like Shudder to Think, the Dambuilders, Guided by Voices
(need I go on?) giving the band its indie street cred.
Guitarist Ben St. Jacques, who, let's face it, just
wants everything he plays to sound as much like AC/DC as
possible (like that's a bad thing?). Vik, who's got
a thunderous bass, an ear for harmonies, and a heart of
(80's) metal. Vocalist Cecile Williams claims this is
her first band (but sings so damn good we're all pretty
sure she's lying). Second guitarist Chris Matthews
fattens the sound and gives the band yet another dose of
indie coolness (he was also a member of Shudder to Think).
These guys and gal play all the rock n' roll songs you
love--staying true their motto the whole time ... "When

all else fails, Do it Punk!"

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