Rob Halper

Rob is currently working at Johnson & Johnson where he is responsible for the jnjhealth channel on You Tube. He has been involved with music from the time he was a kid, playing clarinet and saxophone in school orchestras and bands, as well is in the Queens, NY borough-wide band. He started playing guitar in high school, and throughout his college years at Oberlin his unofficial major was guitar! He was involved with several informal bands which played at college functions. He also started writing songs, and has played at the Open Mic upstairs at Tapastry, in Montclair, NJ, both as a soloist and with fellow musician Carrie Cantor. Several years ago Rob took up the bass guitar and enjoyed playing with the now defunct alt rock band, El Kabong! He lives in Upper Montclair with his wife Linda and their two dogs, Rosie and Beauty.

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