"Awesome" Festival Features Performers from PWR and Serendipity, April 11 at Nishuane Park

High school performers from Serendipity Cafe--Screech Owls, Fly Icarus, Robin Carine, Animal Scandal, Marionette Roulette, and Swimming--touring bands Ben + Vesper, Pearl And The Beard, Da Comrade, Shape, Rewmec, and Daniel Paquette and bands from Parents Who Rock, including the Eugene Chrysler Band, Hamstrung, El Kabong! and Team Embassador, will be playing at "Awesome," a community festival set for 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, April 11 at Nishuane Park in Montclair. The event will feature raffles, auctions, and local food vendors,skateboard demontrations, great live music and installations and performances by local and national artists. Free. Click here for more info.

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