Ellen Paretti and Tim O'Connor

Late bloomers, Ellen and Tim got back into music a few years ago. At the rate they are going, it is expected they will peak (from a performance perspective) when they hit their 60s. They enjoy long, romantic walks on the beach, just not with each other.
Tim and Ellen perform regularly with local Glen Ridge musical misfits, The Chronic Pain Band, which includes Michael Blue, Steve Ward, Robb Allen, and Kevin Johns. Check out the band's facebook page.

Ellen is Parents Who Rock treasurer as well as a board member of Goals for Life, a non-profit organization which raises money for breast cancer by holding a colossal annual women's soccer tournament. This musical Bloomfield soccer mom (playing, not mini-van chauffeur) is the mother of two teenage boys.

Since retiring from being a world champion cliff diver, Tim has been blessed in life to have a wife who actually still laughs at some of his jokes and two wonderful and talented children who both play in bands of their own. The fact that both kids are getting better gigs than Tim is leading him to re-think his musical status.... parent who used to rock?

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