Karyn Kuhl Band and Thee Volatiles with Special Guest Myrna Marcarian at Tierney's Saturday, Oct. 4

The Karyn Kuhl Band was formed in 2010 with Lou Ciarlo on bass and Jonpaul Pantozzi on drums. Karyn Kuhl is a Hoboken-based singer, songwriter and guitarist who started out as the front person of '80s Hoboken post-punk band Gut Bank and ′90s rock trio Sexpod. In 1986 Gut Bank released the LP The Dark Ages, produced by Roger Miller (Mission Of Burma) on Coyote Records.

The KK Band’s recent release, Songs For The Dead, recalls the lush minimalism of Karyn’s earlier solo recordings, as well as the fiery guitar work from her Sexpod days. Alicia Godsberg and Lola RocknRolla contributed guitar and sax to the recording. The band has been showcasing material from Songs For The Dead with James Mastro (The Bongos, Ian Hunter) on guitar. http://karynkuhl.com/
While seduced by ethereal melodies and hypnotic beats, Karyn Kuhl’s music continues to be held under the sway of the blues. Songs For The Dead illustrates Karyn’s depth and versatility as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. A dreamy mix of deeper musical influences such as bossa nova, jazz, triphop, rock and blues reveals her inner world.

Thee Volatiles is a garage punk quartet out of Montclair. Fronted by singer/guitarist Dewar MacLeod and lead guitarist Kevin Delaney, the band powers out tuneful pop scraps with disarming energy and intensity. The rhythm team of Maureen Blandino (bass) and David Fink (drums) keep the discerning masses, from pre-teen grommets to gnarled pensioners, bouncing to Thee Volatiles' beat. http://theevolatiles.com/

Myrna Marcarian is the leader of Montclair’s Ruby on the Vine, formed in the late 1990s. ROTV is led by Ms. Marcarian, who, from 1980 to 1986, was co-leader of the band Human Switchboard. Myrna released "Human Touch" and then retired from music to raise a family. ROTVs debut, This World of Days, came out in 2004. The band has completed a second album, titled, Along King's Highway, coproduced by Marcarian and Cushing. The band has played to audiences in the mid - west and to a growing local audience in Montclair, NJ. The current lineup includes Myrna Marcarian, vocals, guitar, keyboard; Dave Cushing, drums, et. al.; Marty Field, guitars with many nuances; and Rick Wagner, formerly with the DB's and currently adding rock solid bass to the swirl of sound called Ruby on the Vine—Electric Vines. http://www.reverbnation.com/rubyonthevine

Where: Tierney's Tavern, 138 Valley Rd., Montclair.
When: 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4 9 p.m.
Tickets at door: $10
For further info contact Kevin Delaney, Egg Management, 917-806-5968.

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