Parents Who Rockers in the Local News

Some Parents Who Rockers have been very busy with great projects and have even been getting press.

Let's hear it for Parents Who Rock stalwart Ed Carine, who, on November 3, ran in The New York Marathon to support Little Kids Rock. Many Parents Who Rockers pledged money to help Ed exceed his $2500 goal. Congrats to Ed, who, among many other thing, powers up the soundboard at Parents Who Rock events. Nice chance for so many Parents Who Rockers to return the favor and help get Ed plugged into running the marathon.

Check out a BaristaNet story on Ed here.

In addition, BaristaKids also profiled the Blastaways, which features PWR's Kevin March, Ben St. Jacques, Vik Kapila, and Cecile Williams. Read Brian Glaser's story on this great local band here.

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