PWR House Gigs: Let Us Crash Your Party!

Parents Who Rock is looking for people to host parties to raise money for it’s newest mission: to help get music education back into the public schools. PWR has partnered with Little Kids Rock, a national music education organization, and is trying to raise $50,000 to put more music in the Montclair schools by the start of the 2009-10 school year.

Here’s what you can do: Contact PWR and volunteer to host a party—any kind of party—in your home. Invite guests and let them know they’ll be contributing to a great cause, and then request a suggested donation based on the type of party: Could be a $20 per couple beer bash/barbecue in February or an elegant $200 per plate gourmet feast. You dream up the theme and draw up the guest list. We’ll serenade your guests with a Parents Who Rock performance right in your home!

Are you already planning a party? PWR is also looking for a few good parties to crash! If you’ve got an event on your calendar already, why not turn it into a party for cause—with really great live entertainment!?!

To learn more about hosting a Parents Who Rock party, contact Alma Schneider at

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