Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips began her professional career working as a backing vocalist for Bob Geldof. Live-Aid creator Geldof recruited Phillips for his first solo projects after he departed the chart-topping U.K. band, The Boomtown Rats. She worked on Geldof’s album, “Deep in the Heart of Nowhere,” music videos and television appearances on some of the U.K.’s most highly rated programs. She also toured extensively with Geldof.

Zara’s musical career quickly blossomed from that point. She continued her work on tour, in television and videos with U.K. artists such as Matt Bianco, Nick Kamen, David Essex, and the solo project from Dire Straits’ John Illsley. Additionally, she toured in support of Bananarama, with a “Perfect Day.”

Born and raised in London, Zara loved to sing and dance from a young age and enjoyed spending hours in her room writing all the lyrics to musicals and performing each part. A boyfriend persuaded her to join a band and she soon started playing gigs around London.

Zara moved to Los Angeles where she continued writing new songs and performing solo. In 2005 Zara finished work on a new CD titled “When the Rain Stops,” produced by Ted Perlman, winner of 2006 Grammy Award for Burt Bacharach’s CD “At This Time.” Zara’s work with Ted features 14 original tracks written by her (one track is a co-write with Ted).

Zara’s deeply personal song, “Secrets,” was used on the Emmy Award winning daytime soap, “Passions.” Two other songs, “My Time” and “Naked Loving You,” both are heard on the soundtrack for upcoming films from Organic Digital Productions.

Zara has finished directing and producing an adoption documentary titled “Roots: Uknown.” This educational and informative film will focus on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptees and their families.

In addition, Zara is also an author. Her book, “Mother Me” is about Zara’s journey to motherhood from an adoptee’s point of view and was published in the U.S. in 2011. This is an intensely personal and compelling memoir in which Zara describes her feelings as an adopted person and explores her relationships with her adoptive and birthmothers, and invites the reader to join her in her own journey to becoming a mother.

Zara and Ted Perlman got back together to record a new album, “You, Me and Us, which features “I’m Legit,” a song Zara wrote with another adopted person, Darryl Macdaniels, of DMC. This album is a collection of thought-provoking songs with an acoustic and raw feel.

Zara writes articles for various adoption magazines. She regularly talks and facilitates workshops and events related to adoption issues, along with performing her music at clubs in NYC and New Jersey. She lives with her husband, Jonathan, and three lovely children. Check out her website (

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