George Greenfield

George Greenfield’s music probes LIFE — “You got to slow down, take a look around, life’s not as bad as it seems. So I reach in my soul for a prayer I can hold, and hope I wake up from this dream... LOVE — “The light of the dark shows the way from our fear to our heart where our love is still yearning. The light of the dark shows the way to the place where the fire of our love is still burning...” LOSS — “Good-bye so long, so hard to say, when heartache’s just a word away...” and, SELF — “Painting life I’m colorblind. Loving red’s a state of mind. Walking I can’t feel my feet. Somehow I make it down the street.” His songs speak of the search for basic honesty in personal relationships, the evolution of self, intimacy and life’s journey.

George first began playing guitar at the age of 13 and began
writing songs while at the University of Buffalo. At the university, he
also founded and managed a successful coffeehouse supporting up-and-coming
singer-songwriters including Don McLean and Bruce Cockburn. After
graduating with a degree in Arts Management, George moved into concert
promotion featuring such artists as Elton John, Eric Clapton, and James
Taylor. He subsequently was Assistant Director of New York’s Town Hall,
Orchestra Manager of the Baltimore Symphony, Director of New Line
Presentations (the former lecture and literary division of New Line Cinema). In 2003, after many years as president of Lecture Literary Management, Inc., he founded and is president of CreativeWell, Inc. - the Montclair based lecture and literary agency (

Living parallel lives, he continued writing and pursuing his music while building a company that is consistent with his ideals with a dedication to issues of social justice, the environment and political awareness. With the forthcoming release of his debut CD “Light of the Dark,” George’s commitment to share his music with a wider audience enters a new phase of dominance in his life.

He lives with his wife and five year old son in Montclair where he has performed with Parents Who Rock. He listens to a wide range of music (like the rest of us) with favorites including: Batacato, Annie Lenox and Mika (all among his 5 year old’s favorites), assorted Bach, Telemann & Mozart, Chet Baker in Paris and Cesaria Evora. Most influential band: The Beatles.

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