Geezer began as a basement Jam at Eddie C's house, sometime in the previous century. Today's Geezer has a dozen children that we know of, and at least one grandchild. We've played at benefits in town, block parties and birthday parties. We have played at two Parents who Rock gigs this year and it's been great fun and most satisfactory to help out. There are five of us in the band. At least eleven of whom are guitar players. Our keyboard player is back, and the rest of us took a nap. In the meantime, we continue to learn new songs, and re-learn old ones nearly as fast as we forget them. Stevie (Ray) Knox, (Grandpa) Steve Wolf, Scott Galbraith (the singing drummer), Edwin (sound man) Carine on bass, and the legendary Tom McDonough (on keyboard) make up the current group. You can never tell, though.

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