Ed Carine

Partially deaf, and almost completely blind (according to his wife) Ed Carine continues to blunder around aparently having a great time, with no idea in the world what he is doing. Through an incredibly minuscule statistical freak, he met Alma a couple of years back and found yet another opportunity to get involved in something for which he has no credentials whatever and not the least bit of awareness. "I've always loved this sport!" he's been known to say. (or repeat, as others call it). His strong point would be persistence, if he could only remember what it was he set out to do. Like the time he went out to play with Geezer and forgot his bass. And the half & half. Alright, and the drum throne. But that's it.

Called ET by some of his older friends, on account of his first 2 initials, and "Win" in the presence of people named Edward, Edgar, Edmund, and Reginald, Ed gives his name as "R. Clarendon Starr" when making reservations, and gets asked to spell it anyway.

Favorite sayings:
"This toy is being made for the extreme priority the good looks. The little part which suffocates when the sharp part which gets hurt is swallowed is contained generously. Only the person who can take responsibility by itself is to play."
and, "We childproofed the house, but they keep getting in anyway."

Edwin is married to Margy Schilling, the gardener and quiltist, has 3 sons in successive early stages of adulthood. Lives in Montclair, where he is advisor to The Montclair Student Cafe Project (Terry's Serendipity Cafe) and is on the Civil Rights Commission, operates sound gear for Parents Who Rock, plays bass & sings in Geezer and The Revivors. He Writes software as a day job. Ed has run 4 marathons (2 Bostons), a bunch of half marathons and was first in his age group in last year's YMCA 10k race.

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